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About E.E. Brandenberger

Our Philosophy

Four generations of building experience and strict adherence to rigid standards of quality in our craft, provide the foundational philosophy behind E.E. Brandenberger Construction’s 40 years of successful homebuilding.

Being family owned and operated provides a unique opportunity for our clients to interact on a personal basis with the builder through the entire process, from design phase to the completion of construction on your new home. Communication and accessibility are instrumental in providing customer satisfaction and ensuring there are no unresolved questions or surprises at closing.

Says founding owner and CEO, Emanuel E. Brandenberger, “Too often people build homes only to say at the end, ‘I wish we would have done this or changed that.’ With our homes, we walk the homebuyer through every step of the way so the only thing they will say at the end is, ‘I would do it all over again.’”

Uncompromising quality of construction is paramount to our building philosophy and has become a hallmark of E.E. Brandenberger’s product. Our homes stand side by side, feature for feature, with those of the most expensive builders in our local industry, yet our operational strengths allow us to offer this same level of excellence and elegance at a more competitive price. The same quality of sound materials and workmanship is found in all of our product – no matter what the price range. First time homebuyers are delighted to learn what features they can enjoy for their dollar. Upper-end clients appreciate the excellence in building materials, features, and elegantly detailed craftsmanship and design.

Though family owned, we operate with the managerial effectiveness of a corporation, with tight cost control implementations and demanding quality control standards. Our low overhead and long-term relationships with subcontractors equate to price savings for our clients. Those who have lived in our homes know the quality translates into savings due to energy efficiency and durability. “We build a structurally sound and strong home through the use of various quality materials and methods I’ve learned first-hand,” says E.E. Brandenberger. Continuing trade education by all managing members in the company ensures that the most current products and efficiencies in the industry are utilized to incorporate top-of-the-line technology and produces homes with up-to-the-minute appeal.

“Pride shows through in the work we do,” has been an unofficial company motto underpinning the pride in artistry, craft and design that is tediously put into every E.E. Brandenberger home. That our company operates almost entirely by reputation and word-of-mouth referral is a testament to the quality that speaks for itself in our homes.

Experience. Elegance. Unsurpassed quality at a price better than our competitor’s can offer. That is a successful equation – and that is the essence of E.E. Brandenberger Construction. If you are considering building your new home, allow us to show you how we can put this tradition of success to work for you.