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Customer Satisfaction

The key to our customer satisfaction philosophy is seen in the foundational tenets upon which we build our homes and carry on our interactions with our clients. The thinking is simple, straight-forward, and based on time-proven techniques that, when applied consistently, have built a reputation for our homes and our operations that has positioned us as a leading homebuilder in our area for nearly four decades.

QUALITY that is visibly and factually second to none with our competitors.

PRICE prepared especially for the client that cannot, dollar for dollar, feature for feature, be bested by our competitors.

EXPERIENCE as a fourth generation builder with extensive knowledge of the construction craft, successfully serving the community for nearly four decades.

AVAILABILITY for the customer to deal directly with the builder. No gatekeepers. No layers of middle management. Accessibility at all times offered to our clients.

COMMUNICATION maintained on a regular basis. Any and all changes spelled out clearly in writing for all parties to understand. This means no last-minute surprises or concerns at closing.

CREDIBILITY based on our history and reputation, a positive repoire between client and builder which allows the customer to enjoy a necessary comfort and confidence level throughout the building process.

TIMELINESS in the completion of your home.

FOLLOW-UP after construction is completed to put the finishing touch-up work on your home in a prompt and efficient manner.

FAMILY-ORIENTED business which means we don’t have to pad profits to pay for extensive overhead, and you don’t have to be treated like a number. Personalized attention and service with a bottom-line price. No expensive presentations or sales gimmicks. Just results that speak for themselves.