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I’ll never forget watching my house burn to the ground. My family gathered around me, none us wearing any shoes as we all barely escaped with our lives. There is an intense feeling of helpless and an overwhelming sense of loss as the home that you love and everything you own is going up in flames. The most distressing thought to me was; “when will I be able to bring my family back home again?” I knew the fire would displace us for quite some time. I didn’t know where we would live nor for how long. I had just walked out (ok RAN out) of our house and already…I was intensely home sick. 

We had many rebuilding options, there was no doubt for us that we wanted to rebuild OUR home again; the same house in the same location.  Having miraculously found the unscathed blueprints in the rubble, and with great homeowner’s insurance, I had my choice of builder. A friend who works in the industry gave me a list of his recommendations and as I worked met with each builder, EE Brandenberger quickly became my choice. They were prompt, professional, and experienced in our particular circumstance. None of this changed through the building process. In fact, at each stage, my appreciation for their care and excellent work only increased. 

In April of 2018, after living away for 7 months, we were able to move back in our home. We were amazed at how much it felt like our old home, but now vastly improved because of the quality of EE Brandenberger. Our home is more beautiful than before. And the process was so easy with them. Put simply, I cannot recommend a builder with higher appreciation for personal customer service and quality of the build. Thank you to Ted, Jen, Joe, and the entire EE Brandenberger team! You helped get my family home again. 

Jamie & Courtney

In 2016 we decided to build the lake home of our dreams. We talked to several builders over the course of many months and finally decided to go with Brandenberger in 2017. That proved to be a great decision.

While we had a home design that we really liked, Joe helped us to tweak our plan to improve on the space efficiency and make the house suit our lifestyle even better. During the framing process, Joe also helped us identify some wasted attic space on the second floor and turned it into a 350 sq. ft. + bonus room that we absolutely love.

Building a new home involves making a lot of choices. Jen was incredibly helpful in getting us the interior and exterior look that we wanted and helped us to find the right materials to balance quality and price. She spent countless hours helping Lisa sort through samples to find the right colors and textures to make this home our own. The final result was beyond anything we could have imagined.

During the process, Ted did a great job keeping us in the loop on progress and keeping things on schedule. He also made sure all the items on our punch lists were handled by the contractors promptly.

This is the third house we have built. Our fist builder was a mass producing, tract builder, and the second one was with a very small custom builder. This third building process with Brandenberger was far less chaotic and far more positive than anything we had experienced before. They are a great family business that builds great homes at a great price. We highly recommend them.

Ron & Lisa

They went above and beyond before we even committed to them, and once we did, we weren’t disappointed. Everything was done within our budget and with great quality. Questions were addressed well and in a timely manner. They were great at helping us navigate as first time builders. Would highly recommend.

Derek & Jenna

My wife and I recently moved to Fort Wayne and chose the Brandenberger’s to build our home because they are easy to work with and build stylish yet practical houses that fit our tastes.  During the building process it was obvious they love building “homes” for families to enjoy.  Now four months after we moved in they are still quick to send out people to fix small issues and always with a smile.  Thanks for a great house!

Andrew & Jennifer

From the first meeting, we knew EE Brandenberger was the right builder for us. We were looking for a smaller company that would pay attention to detail and also allow us to work directly with the owners. The Brandenberger family was easy to work with and made the entire process enjoyable. They always stood by their word and if we did have any concerns they were quick to respond or would even meet us on site to discuss. We have been in our home for 4 months now and it is everything we had hoped for. We feel blessed to have had a chance to work with Emanuel, Joe, Ted and Jen and would recommend EE Brandenberger to anyone.

Crista & Lucas

Building our lake home, and relocating to a new city while my wife was pregnant with our first child could have been very stressful, in fact many people advised against it.  But, we felt confident in E. E. Brandenberger from our first meeting through the completion of our home.  It was finished on time and built with quality materials and craftsmanship.  E. E. Brandenberger’s sense of detail during our home construction provided us with added value that complemented our home’s design.

Thank you for all your help, building our new home was a great experience and I strongly recommend E. E. Brandenberger to any one that is looking to build a new custom home.

Curt, Kelly, & Grace

For every house is built by someone but God is the builder of everything.  Heb 3:4

Dear Lord and Savior,

We thank you for the opportunity to build this home.  We thank you for the good men and women who give their talent and efforts to this building.  Guide them in their efforts and give them endurance mixed with joy, patience mixed with energy, and satisfaction in their labor.

Thank you especially, Lord, for Emanuel and the vision and talent and hard work he brings to our home.  Thank you for his 3 sons, Joe, Ted, & Martin, and their valuable contribution to the building process.  And thank you for each craftsman and laborer who gives of his/her skills to create a home for us.  We thank you also for not just giving us one Melvin Graber, but two!  Double blessings!!  Thank you for all the digging and earth moving, basements and roadways.  And thank you for Jesse, Jerome, & Julie as they join their father in building our barn.  And Lord, we are so grateful for Ellen’s skills as she guides us beautifully in Interior Design.

Lord, place your protection over this building site and each laborer.  Help us to build a home that will bless all that enter.  Amen

God bless you as we build together. 
Thank you.
Dale and Susie
Dale & Susie

When we first looked at building a house, we looked at several builders. We even sat down and met with another builder to draw up plans and get a price. After that, we found EE Brandenberger. We discovered that we not only got more for our money, but we got higher quality building materials as well. Joe, Ted, and Jen were very helpful throughout the building process and were a pleasure to work with. We are very pleased with our new home and would highly recommend EE Brandenberger Construction.

Emily & Tim

Thank you E.E. Brandenberger Construction for helping me get my dream house! This was an enjoyable experience because of the integrity that was given by the crew and staff of this building company. Their workers gave attention to detail, so the superior craftsmanship of my home was of the highest quality. An added bonus that I received from Brandenberger Construction was the help given from a professional decorator. Because of her talent and professionalism, the numerous decisions that had to be made were not difficult, but rather enjoyable.

Again, thank you for overseeing this wonderful project. I would highly recommend Brandenberger Construction to others that are building a custom home.

Dear Mr. Brandenberger:

As you know, our family is leaving Fort Wayne and moving to Rockford, IL.  We have certainly enjoyed our time in Fort Wayne and we are leaving with mixed emotions.

One of the best experiences we have had while in Fort Wayne has been dealing with you and your family regarding the construction and purchase of our home.  As a family that relocates frequently, you and your family made our transition into our new home much easier than we typically encounter.

You and your sons were always true to your word.  You not only delivered upon your commitments, but you also went above and beyond the call of duty several times, many times at your expense.  We cannot begin to thank you enough for the way you do business.  It is truly a pleasure dealing with a person with unyielding integrity in all aspects of the home sale process.

We would especially like to thank your son, Joe.  Joe is a high-energy person that does not procrastinate and gets things done correctly and on time.  Joe always returned our calls and reacted professionally and thoroughly to our needs.

Thanks again and best regards to you and your entire Brandenberger family.





PS – Would you like to build a new house in Rockford, IL?

Gene & Terry

EE Brandenberger Construction is great to work with. They are able to offer a complete start to finish project and any part in between. We recently remodeled our old farm homestead house that has been in the family for 5 generations. After just a few short meetings and discussions, the Brandenberger family took an idea, put it on paper, and then made it reality. Working with them was hassle free. With any project, there will be surprises and possible mis-communication, but with EE Brandenberger we could easily work through the situations and create a positive for everyone. They were able to give us the home of our dreams and sustain our already established budget through constant discussion and accurate quoting. We have heard stressful building stories from others on how many decisions are to be made and poor craftsmanship by others, but the Brandenberger family has high expectations for anyone doing work for us, their customer. They even provide personal service from a design coordinator that handles scheduling, product review, and provides design ideas. Their team effort truly allowed us to enjoy the process and turn our dream into reality.


Experience was good. I had no problems with them at all. Good communication through emails.

Karen F.

We have no regrets in having chosen EE Brandenberger Construction to build our new house. We believe we were treated fairly and the workmanship is quality. This is a solid business that shows integrity and experience in their dealings. It’s been a pleasure working with them and their team.

Ken & Sally

We would like to thank the entire Brandenberger team for our beautiful new home. We had the highest expectations for quality of construction, attention to detail and craftsmanship and we were not disappointed. Special thanks go to Joe for working with us to come up with a custom home design that incorporated all of our desired features. Special thanks also to Jen for her patience and counsel as we made the many interior and exterior design selections, including colors, fixtures, cabinets, flooring and everything else that make a house, a home. 
Building a new home is exciting and inevitably stressful. In the end, if the home is what you hoped it would be, and ours is, the stress is quickly forgotten. 

Mike & Ginna

We were impressed with the overall creativity and craftsmanship that went into the construction of our home. Before building our home we considered several builders in the area. We found that, what was standard for Brandenberger would be considered an “upgrade” for the other builders. Throughout the entire process, Emanuel and his team met our standards of excellence, both in quality and ingenuity. When you build with Brandenberger, you are truly getting a custom home.

Mike & Lori

Dear Ted,

We are writing to let you and your dad know how proud of the home we are that EEB team built for us.  The construction process was painless (something we have not experienced with previous builders), and the quality of the work from the rough framing to the finish carpentry is unsurpassed.

While we were operating under a relocation allowance deadline and your team was able to meet the deadline with time to spare, there was never an instance during which short cuts were taken or craftsmanship suffered.  Quality was always at the forefront of the entire EEB construction process.

We plan to make this home the last one we build.  However, if we ever find ourselves in a situation where we are required to build again, EEB is the only builder we would consider in the Fort Wayne area.


Nick & Kim

Nick & Kim

The Service was fantastic! I would highly recommend E.E. Brandenberger Construction. They had our 1700 sf home reshingled in one day. The cleanup was great and I am currently working with them to have some other projects done. Great Job!

Todd H.

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