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A passion for designing, and a tradition of excellence in homebuilding, is the driving force that has positioned E.E. Brandenberger Construction, Inc. as a leading and respected builder of custom homes in Northeast Indiana and Ohio for nearly four decades.

Operating on these tenets for success since 1969, Emanuel E. Brandenberger – company founder and CEO – has established a reputation in the industry for quality workmanship complemented by functional and elegant floor plans, whose broad appeal has left a track record of satisfied homeowners from delightful starter homes to sprawling Street of Dreams estates.

A fourth generation family builder who virtually “grew up with a hard hat on,” Emanuel Brandenberger built a company that rapidly gained distinction and notoriety in the industry, particularly for the attention to detail and livability of his designs. Forty-five years later, this founding owner’s passion for construction and design continues to manifest itself in the homes we build today.

“Our clients continue to appreciate their homes to an even greater extent once they’ve moved in and lived in them for a while,” Emanuel notes. “We often receive comments as to how well a home ‘feels’ to our customers, and how glad they were to have utilized our recommendations.” Emanuel E. Brandenberger prides himself in going above and beyond to personalize each home to suit the owner’s individual needs and preferences. “A lot of people say they build custom homes,” he observes, “but they only really offer you a choice of so many pre-established floor plans. Our homes are truly unique and custom designed for each homeowner.”

Pride of workmanship has carried E.E. Brandenberger Construction from a one-man private business in 1969 to a family owned and operated company ranking among the leaders in our local building community, as it remains today. The tradition of built-to-last quality and elegant craftsmanship that has distinguished E.E. Brandenberger homes now reaches its fifth generation among Emanuel’s sons, who play integral roles in the company’s continuing operations.

“We’re a family company but we operate with the efficiency of a corporation,” says Ted Brandenberger, the company’s Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer. “We combine the best of today’s technology with the time-proven techniques of quality construction and design that my father learned from his family before him. We take the best of both worlds – the new, and the timeless. It’s a winning combination.”

E.E. Brandenberger Construction has grown from its original handful of spec homes to become a renowned local building company now producing over 20 new custom homes annually. “Our size allows us to take the personal attention and time with each new home and client that’s impossible to find in a large corporation,” explains Joe Brandenberger, who serves as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “There are no gatekeepers – no layers of middle management to wade through. We deal directly with the homeowner and are readily accessible to them throughout the building process.” He adds, “This allows us to provide a superior level of customer service. After all, building a home isn’t just a business transaction to a client – it’s something personal. And that’s how we treat it.”

As a complement to its construction activities, the company also offers in-house real estate and full-scale remodeling services. “Working with one person, from the sale of your existing home through the construction of your new home, is an option we offer to our clients,” says Joe Brandenberger. “Many people appreciate being able to simplify the transition and timing in this way, and offering this alternative has been very well received by our customers.”

From room additions to complete renovations, E.E. Brandenberger’s remodeling services meet the needs of those wishing to expand or update their current environs. “A lot of people are pleasantly surprised to learn that we also handle remodel projects,” says Emanuel Brandenberger. “We’ve actually been remodeling as an adjunct to our construction activities for as long as we’ve been building new homes.”

The success story of E.E. Brandenberger Construction has been built upon the time-honored principles of high standards, a strong work ethic, quality that shows through the pride put into our product, innovation and customer service. Our story continues on these themes as we carry on our daily operations to date. We invite you to join the number of homeowners who are the true testament to our history of success, and are the reason why our company continues to flourish today.