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Sentimental Lake Home

Transforming a lake home by adding more space for an ever-growing family while maintaining the sentimental value.

This lake home was in this family for generations. Built by their Grandfather, it was full of unique and special features. Paneled walls, swinging doors, custom-made door latches, a custom built-in dining cabinet and applied ceiling tiles- to name a few. Those features are exactly what this family found endearing. The labor of love their Grandfather put forth at one time was evident in these many details. As time went on, this family continued to grow and each year found it increasingly more difficult to enjoy the lake home. The lack of space meant that each family had to alternate their time and weekends in order to enjoy the lake.

Though space is what they needed, this seemed an overwhelming project for Mom and Dad, so the children (all of whom live out of state), took to overseeing the renovation/addition. The goal was simple- add square footage but keep the vintage and senitmental appeal of the home- just the way it was built many years ago.

With extensive brainstorming and planning, E.E. Brandenberger Construction, Inc. began to work with the family to create a second story addition, as well as recreate every last detail. To further complicate matters, most correspondence had to take place over long distance. Many phone calls and emails were made to ensure progress was homeowner approved. Working closely with our subcontractors, the home began to take shape. The new second story added two more full bathrooms and three bedrooms with closets. Our trim carpenters beautifully recreated the wood paneled walls (no drywall in this home), custom built the swinging doors, and recreated custom latches for an exact match. Even the custom built-in cabinet in the dining area was carefully rebuilt.

The result was met with approval from all family members. Though major updates had been made and an entire second story added, the lake home was like stepping back in time. The sentiment was still there- just with more square footage. There is now enough room for everyone to enjoy the space together.

See how E.E. Brandenberger Construction, Inc. transformed this home while maintaining the integrity and details of the former residence.

The “Before”

This former residence was only one story. It was built with loads of character but lacked space.


The “After”

With the addition of a second story, we were able to provide the homeowners with much needed space.


Custom Details

From the built-in dining cabinet, to the swinging doors and custom door latches, every detail was recreated.